Motivational Monday 5/23/16

  Here's our weekly Monday Motivation for you! In this business, there is some risk involved when getting started. Real estate brokers, loan officers, and most other real estate professionals do not get a salary. In order to achieve the dream of being a successful person in our industry, Read more [...]

Rate Update 5/20/16

  Who's excited for the weekend?! If you've checked out the weather for this weekend, you would have seen it is going to be beautiful! It looks like Spring/Summer are finally here. As we all know, with good weather comes being busy in the real estate world. To help make the busy season easier, Read more [...]

What’s happening with title fees?

    Title fees are always a conversation point with clients. Lately, clients and mortgage professionals have noticed title fees have increased over the past year. Many people wonder why this is happening since title fees previously were steady. We can blame TRID for this increase.  In Read more [...]

Monday Motivation 5/16/16

    Happy Monday, everyone! Can you believe May is already halfway over? Today, we would like to share this bit of inspiration and knowledge with you. Have you ever wanted to make a connection with an agent or lender but they never came to you? If that is the case, we advise you go Read more [...]

Where is the Housing Market Headed for the Rest of 2016?

    With the overall economy just inching along, some experts are questioning whether the housing market can continue its momentum throughout the rest of the year. People are beginning to ask questions such as: Will disappointing economic news adversely impact housing? Is Read more [...]

Homes Continue to Sell Quickly Nationwide

  The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently released their latest Existing Home Sales Report, which revealed that homes were on the market for an average of 47 days in March. This is a decrease from the 59 days reported in February, as well as the 52 days reported back in March 2015. 42% Read more [...]

Rate Update 5/6/16

      Happy May! Can you believe it's May already? It's the beginning of the busiest time of year for people in our industry! Because all realtors are incredibly busy this time of year, we know that you do not have time to check the rates. To help make the busy season easier, Read more [...]

Americans Rank Real Estate #1 Long Term Investment

    The Gallup organization recently released a survey in which Americans were asked to rank what they considered to be the “best long term investment.” Real estate ranked number one, with 35% of those surveyed saying it was a better long term investment than stocks & mutual Read more [...]

Everything You Need To Know About Appraisals

              Let's get this out of the way upfront- appraisers have a REALLY tough job right now, especially in markets where inventory is low. Following 2009, appraisers saw both their reputations and their finances take a major hit. Due to appraisal management companies, appraisers Read more [...]